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The Medical Thank You Box
The Medical Thank You Box
The Medical Thank You Box
The Medical Thank You Box
The Medical Thank You Box

The Medical Thank You Box

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The Medical Thank You Cookie Box is the perfect way to thank those people who sacrifice so much to keep us healthy.  A total of 20 delicious, hand-made cookies features two designs with the messages "Thank you Doctors and Nurses" and "OUR HEROES: Thank you for being Life Savers!"  The tin is gracefully engraved with "Thank You" engraved inside a heart with a heart beat line on either side. 

A word about our photo cookies: many bakers use "frosting sheets" or "wafer sheets" to put photos on cookies, which means that there is something with the texture of paper when you eat them.  We print using edible food colors directly on the cookie's icing, so all you taste is absolutely delicious cookies😊.

Each cookie is individually sealed for freshness and shipped in a cookie tin to arrive in perfect condition.  We print your message on a lovely gift card.  Say thank you in this elegrant and memorable way!

Should you need a larger quantity of Medical Thank You Cookies not in a tin, please follow this link:

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Please type a message here that we will print on a card that will go in the box with your cookies. Be sure to write your name as you wish it to appear.
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