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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store my photo cookies?  

Please keep your cookies at room temperature to have weeks of good shelf life.  Do not freeze or refridgerate, as this will cause condensation when they come back to room temperature and ruin the images.  Also, do not display in a sunny place for a long period of time, as that will cause the colors to fade over time.  

Are the photos on the cookies edible?

The photos are absolutely edible!  We never use frosting paper or wafer paper, and our food dyes are 100% edible!

How long should I calculate from the shipping date I select until when I will receive my cookie box?

--USPS has a chart of calculated delivery times on their website:  Please add two days given current delays in summer 2020.  
--UPS two-ground delivery is generally taking three to four days in summer 2020.

Are the photo cookies baked in a nut-free facility?

No, the cookies are not produced in a nut-free facility.  

Are the photo cookies gluten free?

No, the cookies are not gluten-free.