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Eid AlFitr 2021 Cookie Gift Box
Eid AlFitr 2021 Cookie Gift Box
Eid AlFitr 2021 Cookie Gift Box

Eid AlFitr 2021 Cookie Gift Box

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Ramadan Mubarak!  Celebrate Eid AlFitr 2021 with this beautiful gift set of 20 delicious, handmade, individually-wrapped cookies and a charming keepsake engraved tin.  This box features 10 cookies each of two cute designs.  Send Eid AlFitr greetings to your friends and family anywhere in the United States!  We include your message on a lovely presentation card.  Cookie flavors are almond, buttery vanilla, or this Ramadan's special Mediterranean lemon.  

Eid AlFitr will be around May 12, 2021.  TODAY is the LAST DAY to order for shipment on Friday, May 7.

A word about our photo cookies: many bakers use "frosting sheets" or "wafer sheets" to put designs on cookies, which means that there is something with the texture of paper when you eat them.  We print using edible food colors directly on the cookie's icing, so all you taste is absolutely delicious cookies😊.

Please note that we use emulsions, not extracts, for our Muslim holiday cookies.  


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