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The Pet Lover's Photo Cookie Box
The Pet Lover's Photo Cookie Box
The Pet Lover's Photo Cookie Box

The Pet Lover's Photo Cookie Box

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The Pet Lover's Box is a sweet and memorable way to please any Pet Lover.  Your favorite dog, cat, or other pet's photo will grace 20 cookies as well as be engraved on a keepsake box.  With a few clicks you have a super personalized, always memorable and incredibly delicious gift sent to wherever you'd like.  It's just that simple to make someone Oh So Happy!

  • One or two of your own photos are featured on 20 delicious cookies
  • Another photo - or the same photo - is engraved on a keepsake tin
  • You write a message - or no message - for the tin
  • You choose the cookie shape
  • You choose the flavor
  • You write a message that will be delivered in a lovely gift card
  • You choose your delivery date in advance

What a great gift for a Pet Lover!  Horses, turtles, fish, gerbils, goats, etc welcome!

A note about the quality of our cookies: Our cookies are entirely handmade with natural ingredients and no preservatives.  Most bakeries use frosting paper or wafer paper that you need to peel off or feel when you eat it.  Instead, we print edible food coloring directly onto luscious icing, creating a cookie with absolutely melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.  We are sure you will taste the difference quality makes!

If you need a larger quantity of cookies not in tins, please visit this link:

Follow these choices to place your order:

Choose your delicious flavor
Please pick the shape of your cookies
Please upload your first photo. Please use the highest pixelation/resolution possible. Photos of faces work best, but do not crop. We will do that for you.
Please upload your second photo, if you wish to use two. If you do not upload a second photo, all 16 cookies will be printed with the same photo -- also great! Please use a high resolution photo.
Please upload the highest resolution photo possible. Please do not upload PDFs.
Pet name or other short message to engrave on the box
Please type a message here that we will print on a card that will go in the box with your cookies. Be sure to write your name as you wish it to appear.
Month and Day of desired delivery date, must be a MINIMUM of 5 business days from today and cannot be a Sunday. If you need a rush order, please message us first. Thank you.