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Your Child's Artwork on Cookies
Your Child's Artwork on Cookies
Your Child's Artwork on Cookies

Your Child's Artwork on Cookies

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Imagine the surprise your child will have to see his or her artwork on a delicious set of 20 cookies!  It's a sweet way to encourage your child's creativity.

Each cookie is individually sealed for freshness and no preservatives are used.  The cookie set is shipped in a cookie tin to arrive in perfect condition.  We print your message on a lovely gift card.  

A note about the quality of our cookies: Our cookies are entirely handmade with natural ingredients and no preservatives.  Most bakeries use frosting paper or wafer paper that you need to peel off or feel when you eat it.  Instead, we print edible food coloring directly onto luscious icing, creating a cookie with absolutely melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.  We are sure you will taste the difference quality makes!




Choose your delicious flavor
Please scan or take a picture of your child's artwork. Higher resolution works better.
Please type a message here that we will print on a card that will go in the box with your cookies. Be sure to write your name as you wish it to appear.
Please pick the date that you would like your cookie package shipped from the available dates below. Please note that this is a shipping date, NOT a delivery date.