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The Love Italian Style Cookie Box

The Love Italian Style Cookie Box

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Our Love Italian Style engraved box has 16 different views of Italy for the true lover of Italy.  What a way to have your cookie and eat it, too, with our engraved souvenir tin!  Flavors are almond, buttery vanilla, or vanilla with chocolate chips.  

A word about our photo cookies: many bakers use "frosting sheets" or "wafer sheets" to put photos on cookies, which means that there is something with the texture of paper when you eat them.  We print using edible food colors directly on the cookie's icing, so all you taste is absolutely delicious cookies😊.  

Each cookie is individually sealed for freshness and shipped in a cookie tin to arrive in perfect condition.  We print your message on a lovely gift card.  Share the Italian Love!

Please note: new photos are being added so the 16 unique views may be slightly different in your box.   Photography by Giovanny Fietz at

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